Summer Special Delights At Chaayos | Beautifulfoodie


Chaayos- One of my favourite  go to place that never disappoints me. This is my favourite happy place and the reasons are many!

Recently got to try their Summer Special menu at Chaayos that had my tangy and chatori side pop up and I couldn’t stop but chomp on the satiating delights in their new menu!
The Summer Special Menu at Chaayos is nothing but the best of refreshing & tangy – chatora mix of flavours that can surely delight you on a hot sunny day!

Their special delights include the following:

  1. Kulhad Matar Kulcha:
    The soft and fluffy kulchas paired with matar in a kulhad that was topped with chopped onions and tomatoes. This can remind you of the street side succulent matar kulchas that you have. Absolutely delicious and filling!
  2. Palak Patta Crispies:
    These were the favorites from the lot! The crisp fried Spinach Leaves submerged in their special in house chutney that is made of Honey & Tamarind (this tasted as unique as it sounds like) This was topped with dash of onions, jalapenos and sev. What a delight!
  3. Kala Channa Chaat:
    This is a healthy concoction to their menu! Delicious, satiateful and tangy. This had black boiled chickpeas with a slurpylicious mix of finely & fresh ground mint chutney, Chopped onions and tomatoes with their inhouse spices & lime juice to top it off. One word- very Tangyliciously-Healthy!
  4. Kala Khatta & Aam Panna Iced Tea:
    These are the surprise addition to the menu. With chilled iced tea infused with those refreshing, and reminiscing kaala khatta golas that I used to love during my child hood. This drink just reminded me of that!
  5. Fruit Factory Cake:
    This cake- filled with dried fruits and nuts, served warm was light on sweetness, but was soft & fresh. This cake can be chosen over the blueberry lemon cake which was tad tangy and didn’t make a hit for me.

Overall, I definitely recommend you to binge on these summer special delights at Chaayos. You’d enjoy them!

Until Next Time,
Manmeet Kaur