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Hello Guys!

It’s been along time I blogged about a good cuppa tea and actually, It’s been exactly that long since i ever sipped one ‘Good Cuppa Tea’.
Have you ever wondered how it feels to have a relaxing, calming and soothing spa like  experience sipping on a tea? That’s how I experienced when I took a sip out of my newly received tea box from www.thekettlery.com

Recently received their twin tea set which had the following packs of teas which I got to try. The packaging was absolutely perfect and can be considered as a good option to be given as a gift to any tea lover.

The Diet Herbal Tea:
There is more to tea than meets the eye. Do you know the Diet herbal tea is perfect for weight loss? The green mate leaves reduce your hunger cravings and the fat burning herbs like lemongrass and peppercorn will help you reduce those extra inches. Lemongrass adds vitamin C to this pleasing beverage and improves immunity levels too. This tea has a lovely minty sweet flavor and chamomile undertones which tastes comforting.

Moroccan Mint Tea:
You experience a burst of fresh flavors as you savor this refreshing tea. While the flavor of this green tea itself is very refreshing, it is heightened further by the mint flavor which is added to it. Summer, winter or monsoon, this is one tea that is sure to pep you up even on the most tiring days after a good brew!

With their amazing exotic array of teas, that range from Spicy, Floral, Fruity, Chocolaty, Minty to Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri and teas of the World, they have a satiating collection for all.
Prices are very Nominal that starts from Rs 400-450. I love these teas because A- Their packaging is very sturdy and cute. B- Their brew is absolutely unique and amazing!
I recommend you to must try their tea or if you reside in Ahmedabad, you MUST visit their Tea Rooms and savor some amazing refreshness this season. I guarantee you will love them and won’t be disappointed!
Visit them here: www.thekettlery.com


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Manmeet Kaur
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