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Hello buddies!

Today, I want to talk about our most beloved, most favorite, next door friend & a saviour for some extreme hunger days – Our favorite Dominos <3

I have been on & off a fan of the thin crust and cheese burst pizzas at Dominos, even their Garlic bread is my soul-food. But whenever i relished these yummy pizzas, i always craved for some more cheese, some more topping & a softer base.

Like me, many of us all wished for the same. And bravo! the food god listened to our wish & granted us the perfect pizza of our dreams!

Presenting – The All New Dominos Pizza!

new dominos chicken pizza

Fluffier Base, More Toppings, Delicious & Super Saucier on the core & Softer relish worthy bites!

That’s not all, they have some super yummy offers going on online!

Check out to grab them now!

new dominos pizza

I loved the all new Dominos pizza, I’m super you’d love them too!

Go grab them now!!All new Dominos PizzaLots of love!

Manmeet Kaur