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Hello guys!

If you are from Delhi, and specifically from West Delhi, then you must have for once heard about this famous eatery known as The Tummy Section.
Known for their Famous- Shawaramas and other delights, they ace in delighting the taste buds of everyone who dine here.
They have recently got their Menu revamped and have come up with some super dishes, some of which I tried and here is my review for the same:

Recently visited here on a Rainy Wintery Morning, and my experience was awesome!
Here is what I tried:

1. Chicken Shawarama:
Just like the classic Chicken Shawarama, nothing has changed. Loads of mayo loaded yummy and juicy chicken shawarama wrapped in a soft roll. Paired with Mayonnaise, it is an anytime treat!2. Chicken Egg Boats:
This as they say is a gym freaks favorite food. Boiled & sliced eggs without the yolk, filled with chicken fillings and topped with a sweet & tangy sauce. Served with sliced onions, it is a win win for health freaks!

3. Spl. Ramly Chicken Burger:
This is new in their menu & their speciality that they serve. Must say, this was a very good quality burger,very filling and superbly delicious! The burger consisted of a soft & succulent omelette & Creamy spicy chicken shawarama fillings.

4. Crispy Chicken Seekh:
This was the star item of my whole meal! Crunchy Yummy Deliciousness!! Crisp coated layer on the soft and delicious chicken seekh, while I munched them on a rainy wintery morning, i couldn’t ask for anything better! Served with Sweet chilli & mayonnaise, this just uplifted my whole experience here!

Must try the above mentioned!

Until Next Time,
Manmeet Kaur
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  1. Love the Shawarma’s !
    if you have eaten here, you won’t go anywhere for shawarma’s.

    Thanks for capturing it