High Street Cafe, The hidden gem in Rajouri Garden


So, one fine day I decided to pay a visit to the newly opened -High Street cafe, opened just above The Royal Turban in Rajouri Garden.
We went there on an early Saturday Morning and the place was jam packed! people from all age groups were seated there enjoying their time thoroughly!
On one bench were the ladies on their Kitty Party relishing the food and drinks and games, and on another tables were the youngsters enjoying hookah and the fine music and ambiance of the place.
We got seated right next to the funky HSC Bar and we instantly ordered their speciality drinks- Sunny Sunny Fizz Fizz and HSC Special Appletini.

The Sunny Sunny Fizz Fizz was a fancy drink came in a tall glass and tasted sooo fresh and refreshing! The drink was very fruity, sweet and fizzy. The HSC Special Appletini was a really cool, apple flavored, minty abd super refreshing.

The service was fast and the staff knew the menu. They were flexible enough to  make amendments to the menu according to our liking.

In starters, we ordered Chinese Bhel, and Ceaser salad.

The chinese bhel had the choupsey stuffed with a lot of spring onions, sour lemon, lotus stem, tomatoes and chicken. It somehow tasted a little burnt, but not sure if the flavours were supposed to be like that.
Next on, we had the Ceasar Salad. This was a nicely made fresh salad in a cup with some grilled chicken tossed in it.

Later we ordered Chilli Chicken and Chicken arabiata pasta, which were so filling and superbly scrumptious!

The chili Chicken was delectable, very nice and spicy,

The pasta was okayish, nothing like never had before. But the garlic bread was a little soggy and i couldn’t take another bite of it after the first. Overall, it was a good first experience and the place is nice to try for some awesome drinks and starter snacks.

HSC has a balcony view where you can sit and enjoy the view of the metro, fresh air and beautiful trees surrounding the place.


Overall, i give this place a 3.5/5 star and I look forward to try it out during its night party time.

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