NYC – Radisson Blu Plaza. The Best Ever Sunday Brunch!


Got an opportunity to try the Sunday brunch at NYC, Hotel Radisson Blu Plaza located in Mahipalpur. One fine Sunday, I went to try out their Sunday brunch at one of the lush and beautiful properties of Delhi.

Just located very near to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, it is very easy to locate. After a long smooth drive, we reached there and got welcomed to a very hospitable staff who greeted us with big smile. We entered the restaurant and I was surprised to see the restaurant so beautifully done and the spread was HUGE!

The manager took us around for the whole tour of the Buffet spread and trust me, it was enormous with a lot of options to choose from – Chaat, Salads, Mezze, Soups, Pasta, Pizza, Chinese, Indian, a live kitchen, Desserts and what not!

We instantly gorging on the huge and delicious spread. I chose to be a vegetarian that day because of the Navratras, but I was not at all disappointed with the vegetarian delights. They were superbly done and just a delight to the palate!

What I had:

I had a variety of things to begin with. In salads I had, Beetroot & Orange salad and Greek Salad. Both of them were nice, fresh, and just perfectly made.

The Chat station included Pav Bhaji, Papadi Chat, Dahi Bhalla, Golgappa, Bhel Puri, Khandvi, Dhokla. I had a wonderful time binging on the wonderful and superbly delicious Golagappas and the super scrumptious Bhel puri! A must try guys! Completely loved it! 🙂

Moving on, at the Mezze Platter, I had Babaganoush, Tabbouleh, Hummus, Labneh,  Muhammara with Pita and Whole wheat Pita. Something I would say were completely out of the world. the whole wheat Pita was a little dry for me, but everything else was worth trying!

Moving on, In the mains, I had Gnocchi with roasted cherry tomato and basil Glaze, Spicy Garlic and cilantro Potato Wedges & Vegetables. Ahh these instantly became my favorites in the first try!
But the highlight of my whole meal became the Asian delights! I tried the Vegetable Hakka Noodles, Butter Garlic Pepper Fried Rice, Braised Pokchoy, Carrot and Snow Peas in Hot Garlic Sauce and some Tofu with Sautéed Onions, Red Chilli & Coriander. Loved it all!

Moving to the Indian Main Course, I tried Harey Masaley Ka Ishtew, Punjabi Kadhai Paneer along with some shammi kebabs to try and the Indian food was delicious! The Punjabi Kadhai paneer was something you would have never tried before! Superbly delish and soul hugging! 🙂

Proceeding on, i tried some freshly made Mozzarella Pizza which i thoroughly enjoyed, just that the crust of the pizza was a little bit too thin that it became hard to extra crunchy to try.

But the Penne Arrabiata pasta i had was worth every penny! A must must try at NYC!

Finally come the time I was waiting for. The desserts time!
In the desserts station, I had: Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup, Raspberry Lychee Bavarois, Vanilla Mille Feuille (Egg Less), Passion Fruit Verrnie, Dal Halwa and Kalakand (Sugar Free). They also had my favorites: Kesari Phirnee, Gulab Jamun and Bakhlava

My favorite from all of them turned out to be the Sugarfree Kalakand and Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup.

Overall my experience at NYC was pretty splendid, filling and extremely delightful!

I would definitely come back again and i am sure this place is going to be my favorite place to be at for Sunday Brunches with family! 🙂

The Images galore: